A 30 inch by 30 inch (square) oil painting of black grapes, in a dark red contemporary hardwood frame. The price includes the frame, and for a limited time the price will also include shipping. 

Black Grapes

  • These paintings are oil paint on stretched linen canvas. The surface is very durable, and needs very little care. The surface of the painting can be dusted or lightly cleaned with a soft, damp cloth, and you can use furniture polish on a cloth to dust the frame, being careful not to apply furniture polish to the paint surface.

  • The best place for the painting is in a well lit location, but preferably not in direct sunlight. Typically two picture hangers are sufficient to support the weight of the painting in drywall, and it is not necessary to anchor the fittings or to locate the fittings on a wall stud. It's not necessary to center the painting on a wall, and usually it looks best when centered on a table or couch, or on a certain area of seating or viewing. If I am delivering the painting in person, I'll be more than happy to install it for you.