This will be a fairly complete list of all the things I use to do this thing I do.


My paints are all Windsor Newton Artist Colors with two exceptions. I use Rembrandt brand phthalo green-blue and Utrecht brand permanent white, which I buy in one quart buckets. Of course these are all oil paints. My palette uses: permanent alizarin crimson, cadmium red medium, cadmium yellow, cadmium lemon, permanent green light, phthalo green-blue (which is actually green), cobalt blue, french ultramarine and white. I use no earth tones, naples yellow or black. As of a few years ago I started using phthalo blue-green, just for certain hues of blue that were a bit evasive using my standard palette. My medium is roughly two parts stand oil with one part genuine turpentine, varied with the stage of the painting.


Painting surfaces depend on the size of the painting. Fredrix pre-stretched Green Label linen are used for 30 by 40 inches and smaller. I use Best Super Heavy Duty stretcher strips and mural weight double oil primed Claessens linen from Utrecht and stretch my own for all of the larger sizes.


I use Robert Simmons Signet series filbert brushes, and two different palette knives. One is a rigid Italian-made sabre, big enough to flip pancakes, with duct tape wrapped around the handle for traction. The other one is small and razor sharp, made by Holbein, which Ill use for delicate work, and to accidentally carve holes in my mahogany plywood palette.


My studio easel is a solid oak Best Abiquiu Deluxe Easel with a double mast, quite a formidable piece of furniture. I use a Trident solid wood taboret for handy paint storage. For those rare occasions when I might leave the studio to paint I have a Jullian french easel.

Material suppliers? I use Utrecht online, Jerry's Artarama and Artists Supply Warehouse, online as well.


Every morning I'll whip up a perfect cappuccino with big stainless steel Pasquini Livietta espresso machine, brewed from finely ground Illy espresso, regular roast. I told you this would be a complete list.


Occasionally I'll enjoy a cigar, typically a Dominican Arturo Fuente of any number of sizes, although if anyone finds it within their hearts to send me a nice box of Cubans I would be very appreciative. Oh, and on those rare occasions when I can kick back and raise a pint, it will be a pint of Guinness. It's not just for breakfast anymore. As of Summer of 2012 I discovered single malt Islay scotch. Laphroaig is a good one, just in case anyone is putting together a Christmas list.


To run the website I have a truckload of equipment and software. The live studio cam is streamed from an Axis high resolution wireless network surveillance camera for full motion video. For photography I currently use a Nikon D7000, and my main piece of glass for documentation is an AF-S Micro-NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED lens. I use Adobe Photoshop for image editing and Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing. Filmmaking is done with a pair of Black Magic Pocket Cinema Cameras and colorgrading is done with DaVinci Resolve, and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.


That's about it. Ojisan eats whatever dry cat food looks good to me, and every Sunday I'll crack open a small can of wet food for him, just so he has some rudimentary understanding of the abstract concept of religion. As he still enjoys killing small animals, it remains to be seen if it's working or not.


A few years ago I married a lovely Thai woman named Amporn, and despite the peaceful tranquility of Buddhism she somehow keeps me in a constant state of agitation and motivation.


As of June of 2017 the entire website is being created, edited and published using Wix


If I think of anything else, you know I'll add it to this list.

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David Oleski

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