And just as the colors of the year are fading, the David Oleski 25 Days of Very Small Paintings will begin on December 1st, through to December 25th. Each day a very small painting will be made available for purchase on

The David Oleski Very Small Paintings Page.


Typically these paintings sell for $300, but through the miracle of miracles they will be available during December for the discounted price of $250, including a frame and shipping. Once they're gone, they're gone, just like the very essence of time itself. This promotion will be in conjunction with The 25 Days of Minis website, a group of 40 other brilliant and talented artists offering similar promotions of their own wonderful artworks. Visit the website and subscribe for updates, and see updates on the David Oleski social media pages for each new available painting.

David Oleski. b.1961. Boston, Massachusetts; education: 1983, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland; currently living in West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.

David has found a voice in his version of an intense scrutiny of the world around him. Following in the footsteps of the 19th century Impressionists, he began a deep exploration into increasingly fragmented views of simple still lifes. He captures a sense of rhythm and atmosphere with sophisticated colors, and thick and deliberate more.

David Oleski has continued his studies into color theory with a new series of abstract color field paintings. This collection of work represents an ongoing artistic evolution shaped and distilled by the observation of light and color. For a decade, the foundation studies of traditional still-life have opened the door for a departure from the rendition of an actual object; now exploring how the eye can create a composite understanding of nuances of depth and atmosphere through the substance of paint.


It all started with still life. In an endless pursuit of truth in observation, the time-honored tradition of the standard still life provided the foundation for understanding light and atmosphere and depth and volume. The broad and linear presentation of the academic arrangements creates an engaging juxtaposition of something classic being reinvented as something sharp and contemporary. A dialogue is created between subtle gestures of stems and curves and attitudes.

The paintings of David Oleski can been seen in person at some of the top outdoor fine art festivals throughout the year, all over the country. 

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David Oleski

telephone 610-486-6393