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price list

Current 2024 prices are as follows:

5 inches by 7 inches, $400

16 inches by 20 inches, $1200

24 inches by 30 inches, $2000
30 inches by 30 inches, $2800
30 inches by 40 inches, $3400

36 inches by 36 inches, $3800
30 inches by 60 inches, $3800

48 inches by 48 inches, $5200
40 inches by 60 inches, $5200
60 inches by 60 inches, $8000
60 inches by 84 inches, $10,200

These paintings are presented in a dark red contemporary hardwood frame. The 48 by 48 and 60 inch by 60 inch abstracts are presented in a bright white hardwood floater frame, with a 3/8 space around the painting. Other colors or finishes are also available at an additional cost.

Always feel free to call at 610-864-3500 to discuss any other details, including commissions and special requests.

Read some frequently asked questions.

important information

I came to the realization that many people don't really understand what it is that I do. I paint in oils, on stretched linen. These are the same materials used by some of the greatest painters throughout history, from Monet and Van Gogh to Rembrandt and Valesquez. I use non-yellowing linseed oil, and a non-yellowing white, so the colors will not darken with age, even after a century. I paint on the highest quality Belgian linen, which is stronger and will not become permanently stretched and loose like cotton canvas, and is more resistant to bacterial growth.

Next, read about my frames.

This is one of my frames. I have these custom made at a frame shop in north Philadelphia. They are a dark cherry-stained poplar, and the corners are joined with splines for the strongest and cleanest joint possible. The final clear coat is a satin finish, to best showcase the tight grain of the wood. The frames have a three quarter inch face, and are two inches deep. Every painting I finish is framed with one of these fine pieces of woodwork.


I work on only one painting at a time, working continuously for session after session until it's finished, and then I'll use the back end of a brush to scratch my name into the wet paint on the lower right corner. I only work from observation. When I paint apples, there are apples in front of me, when I paint tulips, I'm looking at a bouquet of tulips, and I'm racing against the flowers blooming and wilting with each passing day. I only work by natural light, so I have to calculate my sessions to either finish by sunset, or plan on another session. This process dictates that the painting will always be about observation, and I will always strive to capture how I see, not merely create a painting. The way I work is very thorough and meticulous, to match each color of a still-life and lay it down in a very specific and calculated manner. This is how I learned to paint in art school, and I continue to learn more and more about space and depth and atmosphere with each study that I finish.


All I do is paint, every day, bordering on it being an obsessive/compulsive disorder to either fixate on the current painting or obsess over starting the next one. This is all I do, every single day. My prices have steadily increased every year to maintain demand and assure the investment value of my work to my current and past clients. All poetic reflection aside, I believe what I do is valid and substantial in the eyes of history, and I'm creating a legacy that will live on for many years after I am gone.

frequently asked questions

What is the return policy? All purchases represent a commitment on the part of the buyer to be one of the very exclusive group of collectors of my work. I do realize that sometimes things look different in person, and there are always alternative options available.


What if the size or color isn't exactly what I want? I'll be happy to discuss an alternative piece, or a commission to work with certain size and color interests. The buyer will absorb all return shipping costs, as well as any additional costs that might be incurred for the execution of a commissioned piece. A special size may add to the cost of materials and framing.

Can I try out a painting and see how it looks before I make a commitment? Of course, I'll send a painting out on approval just to make sure the size and color will be perfect. The transaction will be handled as a purchase until I receive word that the sale is finalized, or another piece might be more suitable, or that no painting I could supply would be suitable. I will request that correspondence be maintained throughout this process, so I can be made aware of any concerns and decisions. The cost of return shipping and insurance will be at the expense of the client, and I will issue a refund once the painting has been returned within a reasonable amount of time (typically within 2 weeks or so) in the exact same condition.


How can I see more of your work in person? You could come to my studio to view some paintings, but I would probably suggest that I bring a collection of work to your home so you can see the work in the setting where it would be displayed. It's really the only way you can be sure about the size and scale and color, and it's important to me that you be thrilled with your new acquisition. I'm willing to drive any reasonable distance to show you as much of the collection as you might want to see, typically within a three hour drive from my studio, which includes everywhere from Connecticut down to Washington, DC and the surrounding areas.


How do I care for the painting? These paintings are oil paint on stretched linen canvas. The surface is very durable, and needs very little care. The surface of the painting can be dusted or lightly cleaned with a soft, damp cloth, and you can use furniture polish on a cloth to dust the frame, being careful not to apply furniture polish to the paint surface.


What's the best way to hang a painting, is there any considerations of how and where to hang it? The best place for the painting is in a well lit location, but preferably not in direct sunlight. Typically two picture hangers are sufficient to support the weight of the painting in drywall, and it is not necessary to anchor the fittings or to locate the fittings on a wall stud. It's not necessary to center the painting on a wall, and usually it looks best when centered on a table or couch, or on a certain area of seating or viewing. If I am delivering the painting in person, I'll be more than happy to install it for you.


Contact me to discuss any and all details concerning your interest in a piece.

Telephone 610-864-3500

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